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actually you might not be so off in terms of descriptors. IIRC the green was distinctly cerealy maybe why you think grain.
transaction costs.....
there's not much, if at all, of a difference between the 91 and the current 18. any additional value comes from collectabilty not drinkability.Buy the 91 sell it pocket $20 and buy the 96.
the opening and closing of glendronach does not affect the 21 there maybe older whisky in there but that has nothing to do with the closure it would be a matter of choice.Which Balvenie SC15?abundah has gone through the same evolution as uigeadail, losing its older components but the uigeadail, given its flavor profile is less effected. Although the 03-04-05 batches are very different from todays. Both, of course represent a broader trend: in any age statement bottle...
Green is a blended malt no grain whisky in there so I do not know why you'd be tasting it.Like JW green, Blue hanger is a blended malt, not a blended whisky (there is no grain whisky) so it is not quite a direct comparison to JW generally.
I have two :-)
Can easily be found for half that.
That is true for sure, but coincidentally, one of the best whiskeys I've ever had was in fact one of the oldest....
.Yes. Almost always no, although there are a few bottlings that might be worth close.They can also be found for far less if you really want one.
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