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Selma That's what we named our daughter, my thinking is that it was a name that sounded good for a baby, teen and old lady.. I hope that made some sense to you lol
I Highly recommend a place called Mama J's in Richmond VA, best fried chicken I've ever had and also best soul food, I crave their collards every day.  
Tango and Cash Road House
Looking for a belt to match C&J bottle green suede. I appreciate any help
I'm looking for a pair of burgandy/ wine color wool trousers. I'm a size 42 Can someone point me in a direction? Thanks
Thank you, I appreciate your advice.
Advice / help     I'm a bigger guy, I normally wear a 50L Regent Jacket - Suit from Brooks Bros. This cut fits me well, little needs to be done other then shorten the sleeves a bit. Which models in Suit Supply lineup would work for me?   I'm not a fan of the Washington, button stance seems too high, probably wouldn't fit me anyway.
We also saw this movie earlier tonight. Very good, I knew what was going to happen and was still on the edge of my seat. Alan Arkin was really good in this and funny. Maybe Afflek's best as a director.
I can see myself wearing more of a casual shoe ( Loafer, Chukka ) then say an oxford but I'm not ruling that option out.   Another question, what this kind of Jacket I should stick to solids for a shirt right?
Pant, shirt, tie, square color? Solids - patterns.   I love the jacket but I'm having a hard time figuring out what to wear with it. I'm a complete noob when it comes to this kind of stuff. Help a brother out.    
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