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Good evening guys, If anyone has been pondering a shell cordovan White's SD, jump on board! Whites is going to discontinue this leather. There is still enough leather to make roughly 8-10 pair but once it's used up, they aren't bringing anymore in. Reason? They unfortunately had too much leather rip in the lasting process. Roughly 20% of the orders had to be restarted and due to the cost of the leather they can't afford to move forward with it. Please email me with...
What's up guys! It's been awhile since I've posted, but I wanted to chime in on the Nick's convo.    They make a great boot, no question! Business and factory wise, they are much smaller then White's and they are able to do some options/attributes that White's isn't set up to do. I own one pair of Nick's and I like them a lot - I think they do a good job.    This new "Roberts" series they're doing is available now through us and they are revamping their website which...
SF - custom Nick's Build here - see photos.  Build spec: Oxford  Hardware All Antique Eyes Lineman/Side Patch Yes Please Outsole Stitching color White Edge Natural Thread Color (upper) Green Counter Leather Natural Chrome Excel Rough Out Toe Vamp Leather Natural Chrome Excel Rough Out Upper (Shaft) Leather Natural Chrome Excel by Horween Midsole Double Pull Loops  Lace Design Lace to Toe Sole Vibram 2021 Sand Height 3"   -Kyle
This info has been deleted - thanks for the heads up! It would sure be nice if they were taking 3-5 weeks  Current lead times are 8-10 weeks but please keep in mind this is a very extreme fire season this year and a lot of demand for smoke jumper boots! We appreciate your patience.    -Kyle @ Baker's 
Not my taste but a unique Semi Dress here! Kyle - Baker's
Those turned out good! We have a lot of those soles left if anyone is interested - I have a pair in the shop of my own SDs that i'm going to apply that sole to.   Also, just so people know, if you have your tracings/measurements on file with White's...we can get access to sales history and sizing with your name and the year of the build. Just throwing that out there.  We appreciate everyones business!  Thank you - Kyle Baker's Shoes
What's your order #?   Let me know and I'll check on it.    Email or phone the best to get ahold of you?   Thank you -   Kyle Baker's Shoes  
Style Forum - I am working on doing an intro price on the shell cordovan for Style Forum for the first 5 buyers interested. This would be limited to the first 5 customers. I am thinking 20% discount good thru Dec. 31, 2011. To be fair, I will also include Super Future fans as well. Again, this will be offered 'first come, first serve' to the first 5 buyers.   Base price: $949 Less 15% After discout price: $806.65   If anyone is interested, please contact me...
Hello -   The leather that we would be obtaining from Horween is shell cordovan which is indeed the highest grade of horse hide available. Shell cordovan is made of horse-butt and is very soft but extremely durable. Aside from certain exotic leathers, this is probably the number one demanded leather in the world for fine footwear. There are few manufactures that are using true shell cordovan leather. Due to the high demand of this leather and White's being a new...
@Crosswound - Thank you for your business! We appreciate you as a customer.   Also (just throwing this out there...) would you guys be interested in a shell cordovan semi dress???   We are trying to obtain some leather from Horween. The first batch would be a very small/limited run in #8 burgundy..   Let me know your thoughts.   Thank you,   Kyle Baker's Shoes  
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