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If you are working on a budget, I've been pretty happy with Daniel Hechter shirts, as they offer the largest size combination, while still being trimmer cut.
You kind of question of the complexity of shipping to a country with which one has a free trade agreement? Although Canada is one tenth the size of the US, it is a fairly good test bed before deciding to ship across continents. As it has been months, I would likely not hold my breath.
I would have to go with people "matching" colours, most notably navy blue.
It's all about the Monster Dark Mocha, although I have to admit that they don't really do anything for me caffeine-wise.
I don't know if my experiences abroad in France will be of much help, but for my program I was required to spend my third year abroad, in the language that I chose (Bachelor of Int'l Business w/ French). While I had gone on exchange to France in Grade 11, the experience is important. I know for my school, there is a requirement for engineers to go to schools that will ensure that students can complete their studies. The other option that you can tackle is to join engineers...
As to Don Cherry being a bit of an ass, he definitely is, but he's also tried to keep the game somewhat pure, as well as ensuring that it doesn't start to resemble premiership soccer. His fashion sense may be questionable, but it's effective and as the most watched man in Canada, I'm guessing he doesn't care in the first place.
Thanks for the suggestions, it looks as if everyone uses pretty much the same thing and it's one of those topics with typically a lot of variety of opinion. The only problem that I still encounter is if it's necessary, this article is pretty interesting and explains both cases and is pretty interesting purely from a facts perspective.
While I have little experience in excessive crotch rubbage (I don't think that will ever not be funny), having large legs and a small waist, I've typically either had to go a size or three in the waist to accomodate my legs if I'm buying off the rack, or look for cuts that accomodate your legs. I would shop around if you aren't going to go the kilt route.
Had the same barber since I was 13. CAD$25 for a cut, keeps getting slightly more expensive every time I go though.
I would say that dressing to your employers would be more important than sartorial flair. If you are applying to Apple or Google, the first impression of an overly well-dressed person would be negative, where at a boutique Wall-Street firm, if there are any left, it would be expected. The rule that I have always heard is to dress one step up from your interviewer.
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