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Code: I believe Tramezza shoes are GY welted and LO shoes are Blake as a general rule. This is an older thread, I don't recognize the line that shoe is from, but the model is very similar to LO Novaxy, I bought two pair in 2006ish, but mine have leather soles. I still have mine, they are great shoes, I think I paid about $350ish at Harry Rosen for them, I believe they were about $595 full pop back then.
Some lucky sob scooped them up for a scandalous price, they were a half size too big for me or I would have jumped on these. They look awesome and I was getting depressed looking at them.
educating yourself*
It boils down to educating and relying on the integrity of the store/SA. YMMV with both.
The OP was asking about high end places, not Sears. For basic finishing and minor adjustments they should be more than fine. Much depends on knowing what you want done and your relationship with the SA/store. For $1000+ on a suit and a high end stores rep, they should be able to hem pants. If a new suit requires that much work from a high end store, maybe MTM would be a better option. In the end it's your call, if I wanted to leave the store with the sleeve tag...
The question seems to be whether the OP was really seeking forum opinions or forum validation for his short trench. The majority of posters, myself included, panned the cropped look. The OP became defensive about his choice and the "fresh" look aka trendy look about the trench. Ultimately, it's your money and your choice and based on the posts, the consensus is that it's a one way ticket to Tackytown. You could try the same thing with DB suits, post three pics, an 80s...
I Google the named and ended up at a blog that wasn't worth reading? Did I miss something? Still can't figure out the drama.
Kingston? Lol. Most Canadians think prisons when Kingston comes up. Some of my best friends are Queen's grads, I try not to hold it against them. From the way this thread is going, it may come down to a "Don't fok with me or are you that stupid? " sticky. Think of the rules from Fast Times at Ridgemount High at All-American Burger: Learn Them Know Them Live them I apologize for jacking the thread, but when I saw Kingston, I couldn't help myself...
He's read the aforementioned blog?
My favorite summer suit is a wool/mohair Trofeo and it has a slight shiny look to it, can't really notice it till you are very close. I love that suit, it's a mid grey and unlined. Nobody has ever noticed the mohair sheen. Shiny iridescent lounge suits are another story, I must confess that I've always wanted a stylish sharkskin suit, not that I'm ever going to wear that to the office. Super tacky lounge lizard one for listening to Sinatra, drinking top shelf booze and...
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