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I was told they were a few years old from dead stock. The suede is very nice and the construction looks very done. If it"s a knockoff, it's a good one. The store was one of those designer liquidator places. I will have my shoe repair guy have a look at them, but they weren't pricey. I asked for help earlier in the thread, but didn't get any responses. I was looking for PTBs any way. Weston is not common where I live and I know nothing about them.
Okay, how is it done incorrectly? Is it positioned incorrectly? He was recommended to me by a SA in a high end shoe department in the Yorkville area. I balked at top taps and a Topy, settling for the heel protector since I am very hard on the heels of my shoes.
I find that I wear the heels of my shoe very quickly, I asked for heel protectors and that is what they put on. I would prefer not to continually repair/replace the heel. Any alternatives?
I'm on a roll, finally figured out how to upload pics.  Here is the Rothchild in Vintage Chestnut on the DG70, photos don't do justice to the color of the shoes.  Taken at Starbucks after I got them back from my shoe guy.    
I'm not good at uploading pics but here's goes nothing         For reference the brogue is a G&G Rothchild in 8.5 UK on the DG70 last and the Weston is sized EU 40. 
Well I went back to the store and picked up a pair of dark brown suede PTBs. Manager told me they were dead stock from a store in NYC and were a few years old. Suede was nice and they looked real enough to me. They were labeled JM Weston Model Protege on the insole and had black soles with channel stitching. I plan to take them to my shoe guy for heel protectors and I will have take a close look at them. At $295 they weren't too pricey.
Help a brother out please. While making the rounds this week, I popped into a designer liquidator and stumbled across a potential big score. Suede bluchers by JM Weston for $295. They were closing so I didn't get a close look at them. I have no real experience with this brand and would like some input from ye learned gents. The suede seemed good, it appeared to have GY welting, didn't peek inside to confirm though. Both the insole and sole were black and stamped JM...
IB in London? I was told a very LONG time ago, when dressing to meet Brits in a business setting, no "country" suits, black shoes/w laces and watch the rep ties ( apparently they have school/club/military associations with certain combos). Don't know if this still holds up in the 21st century.
If you pick a conservative model in a conservative color, they won't really stand out. I have LO Novaxy perf captoes in black and brown, they are sleeker than AE on the standard 5 or 7 last, but are actually a bit wider than my G&Gs. Just try not to wear fashion Ferragamos, aka Gancini loafers. Nobody will really notice. All they will see is that the shoes are "correct" and "professional" and therefore you are not a moron or narcisstic joke and that is all that...
I tried some new SCs for F2012, they are a bit shorter than what I am used to. I'm 6' and they barely cover my butt, they look a bit short, but nothing in the hipster dipshit extra short way. They had no shoulder padding, high armholes and phenomenal fabric and tailoring. The SA measured and said BOC was 30", about an inch shorter than the norm from what I can figure.
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