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well I'm trying to be a bit more confident with my style this year for the first time in my life and I feel brown is the right choice for me.  I seem to make the right choices then doubt myself all the time, lack of confidence in what you're wearing will ruin any style choices!   Thanks for the help, my suit is fairly dark navy but tried everything on last night and I really like it with the brown shoes.   Was thinking of maybe adding a silver tie bar any...
Thanks and I agree!   just been doubting myself today for some reason
Thanks I am looking right now!   Do you have an opinion on the shoes in my link for a navy suit?
Hi,     Going to a wedding in a couple of weeks, I'm expecting quite a young cool crowd so went for a CK navy blue slim fit suit and was thinking medium brown pointed shoes and belt with lighter blue tie and white handkerchief but think possibly the suit colour starts to look black as the light fades!    Don't want to wear black shoes so it's either go for the brown or maybe something like the picture below.   Your opinions are greatly...
Ok thanks for the advice. So I think it will be either the black shirt but with black belt and black shoes or just stick with the original combo but with a white shirt instead?
Hi opinions please. I'm thinking of a black shirt, medium grey trousers with darkish brown shoes and matching belt.  do they go or not?
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