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MICHELANGELO DRESS BOOTS, never heard of. http://cgi.ebay.com/1399-MICHELANGEL...QQcmdZViewItem
Gents, opinions, please. Does this look real or fake? What do you think about the price? Thanks. http://cgi.ebay.com/BALENCIAGA-100-C...QQcmdZViewItem
I am not a fan. They feel bulky and look cheap up close compared to other brands. I'd rather go with Mezlan for the same price than J&M.
Beautiful shoes, Lawman! I am not that far in my legal career to afford these. Some day.
Bruce, chances are high that you bought fake Cubans, unless you bought them directly from La Casa del Habano in Mexico City. Still, a couple of things to look for: (a) did the original box come sealed in plastic? (if yes, then they're likely fakes, as no Cuban boxes containing real hand made cigars come plastic-sealed); (b) look at the cap, it has to be well-constructed; (c) look at the label, the color and the overall visual appeal of the cigar; (d) when you smoke it, if...
I own a pair of JV sandals, and while they're beautiful, they began to fall apart after 6 months of wear.
... and I am in neither of those. I actually work a very conservative job (attorney) but I like to spice it up at work once in a while, and get made fun of frequently by some of my co-workers. Thank you for replying.
$250 - $400 o.b.o
Thanks for replying, guys. I was actually thinking about wearing something along these lines with a suit.
Gents, what do you think? Greatly appreciated. -M-
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