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A little late to this thread. My top 5 list is a bit more formal but here it goes: (1) Really good shoes (the first thing people notice) (2) Leather bag / briefcase (I cringe when I see attorneys / businessmen wearing laptop bags) (3) Watch (wear a respectable watch - does not have to be too expensive - or don't wear one at all) (4) Suit (if you buy suits off the rack, please take them to a tailor!) (5) Pocket square (takes your suit / jacket to a whole new level;...
I still own ties (Jones NY, DKNY, Kenneth Cole...) that I bought when I was a student that don't get much love these days because they look cheap but not because they're ugly or have sentimental value.
If you don't mind somewhat of a trendy look, BC Ethic, Barneys NY, and Positano make extremely soft and fitting shirts. Some of the designs look hellacious though!
A little too bulky for my taste but a nice present nontheless. Is it true that Louis Vuitton owns Tag and Zenith?
Nice looking shoes. I am also a size 12 and these look very elegant and not too big or bulky as some 12s do.
Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree get some LACED shoes! +1. I would not wear the Messina's with a suit.
John Varvatos - great, imo, autumn scent.
Beautiful jacket, man. Congrats on your purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin I believe you are correct. The problem here is that without tangible evidence of an agreed to design or end result, the whole thing is left up to the personal interpretation of the two parties involved. Ones interpretation of the same conversation (oral contract) might legitimately vary from the others interpretation. If Stilmacher has any hope of satisfaction it would probably be on the basis of quality, which can...
This is NOT meant to interpreted as legal advice, but a contract does not have to be in writing to be enforceable. It could be an express oral contract where the terms are agreed upon orally or an implied-in-fact contract where the agreement is indicated by conduct and where performance indicates agreement. In any case, as someone else already mentioned, it is always better to resolve things in a peaceful manner. Good luck.
New Posts  All Forums: