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TO looked alright. What bothers me about most of these pictures are those hellacious bling bling watches which are as expensive, if not more, than F.P. Journe and Patek.
Is that skull and bones? The leather has a cheap look or it may just be the picture.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo1824 Thanks SoCal. I really like these http://www.bottegaveneta.com/shoponl...8080b81&page=2 These do look nice. I may have to look into these also as my John Varvatos sandals are slowly falling apart. It would be nice to see the sole on these though; I only like flat leather soles on my sandals.
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen Question for you cigar smokers. What is a good High quality starter cigar? Something light and not overwhelming for those of us who dont smoke regularly but occasionally end up in situations where it would be nice to light up but not nice to be overpowered by too much nicotene/"taste". I seldom smoke light cigars, unless I am craving something light as a breakfast smoke. For something that has the...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy you smoke Cubans regularly if your wife has a British passport. She can bring in up to one box for her personal use. Also, if you go to Canada, buy Cubans and take off the bands, who can tell where they came from? Sure. My comment was more of a general observation rather than being addressed to anyone in particular - too many people say the smoke Cubans, when close to 90% of those in USA are fakes. ...
To the cigar smokers, even though this is SF and most of us are successful in our vocations, I still have a hard time believeing that so many of you smoke Cubans, unless you're smoking fakes. There are simply not enough Cubans out there to smoke the real stuff all the time. For someone who smokes cigars regularly, some of the recent favorites have been: Diamond Crown Maximus No.1 Don Pepin Garcia - Black Label, Cuban Classic (as close to a Cuban as it gets) Oliva...
TJMaxx is a hit or miss. Just a week ago, I bought a pair of Dunhill sterling silver cufflinks there for $25.
I wouldn't take my girlfriend, whom I have not seen in 3 months, to a symphony or a movie. There is nothing worse than being on a date and sitting for 2 hours without any interaction.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas If a woman is going to wear pajamas in my presence, she ought to have the common courtesy to sleep with me.
just to add a few more - belt a few sizes too big (very common mistake) - wrinkled pants / jacket - dirty shoes - untrimmed neck - long / dirty fingernails - tie too long (I actually don't mind a shorter tie) - holes in socks - cheap (sun)glasses...
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