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Beautiful shirts. Especially the light blues. Enjoy them!
Pocket squares and Corthay shoes. Also getting ready to buy a watch.
It looks decent if you don't care about brand names, but for under $200 and leather, your choices are limited. Check out this J Crew bag. You may like it: http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/product...atId=cat240100 Benjamin831, that's a very disturbing avatar!
I kind of like them but would only wear them with jeans and khakis.
Quote: Originally Posted by JR88 Anyone familiar with them? They look very nice but not sure about construction. I used to like To Boots, until they started using cheap leather. Now I like some Ferragamo and most Tod's. Can't afford JL. Take a look at the "Similar Threads" below. They ought to answer your question.
They look okay; certainly not the Grenson Maldini's . The black oxford is too fashion-y and could be fun to wear to a night club with a pair of jeans, but not with a suit.
What is that on the sides that looks like a mini tear?
http://cgi.ebay.com/USED-ERMENEGILDO...QQcmdZViewItem Zegna bag for $29.99, not sure about the true condition... http://cgi.ebay.com/Ermenegildo-Zegn...QQcmdZViewItem Brand new Zegna shoes 8.5. Seller has 0 feedback. If they were size 12, I'd take a risk.
Quote: Originally Posted by cTo daily +1
How about something "poor man's" in size 12 D?
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