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They look ugly imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by jabreal00 Are you in Law school applying to Law firms? Otherwise I thought the application process for Law school did not involve interviews. Anyways, it's fine. Ditto. I have never heard of law school interviews and I went to law school (maybe on campus job interviews?). Your outfit looks okay. Gents, would it be too risque for the lad to wear a pocket square?
As a fellow associate, I think it is a tad too much but I would not rule it out completely.
Thank you all!
acidicboy - Famous Shoes in Sarasota, Florida. meister - $179. A tad bit more for the black pair.
Guys, thank you all for positive comments. It makes me feel great that the esteemed members of this board approved my purchases. Doc, robin, the leather is not pebble grain. It is naturally very shiny and looks even more so due to camera flash. The black pair has very soft, thin leather which, at first, made me a little nervous. But once I tried them on, I knew that I had to buy them.
Last Friday, I took a day off to spend it with my mom on her birthday. While in one of her favorite shoe stores, I came across these two pairs. I have not been exposed to Gravati before but the shoes looked and felt impeccable and for the price I just had to buy them. What's interesting is that both pairs are in sizes smaller than I usually wear (I am size 12 M and the black is 11.5 while light brown is 11, and both fit me like a glove). Forgiving my cheesy and...
Quite interested in this thread; thinking about buying myself a B&M "Hampton" watch for Christmas. Would appreciate other opinions on the brand.
Beautiful shirts. Especially the light blues. Enjoy them!
Pocket squares and Corthay shoes. Also getting ready to buy a watch.
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