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+1 on the plain side. More pictures would help to see them better.
Nice shoes. I tried a pair similar to yours and it fit like a glove. Enjoy! Good bargain on these, although they may run bigger than 11.
Quote: Originally Posted by nsoltz Don't know about Christmas trees, but got this amazing Isaia cashmere jacket from Nitr-o in front of the Menorah. nice jacket indeed.
Got my presents early: a Corneliani suit and a Canali jacket. Thanks mom and dad.
I am against wearing white socks, period.
done. good luck.
shoulders look nice, need to shorten the sleeve length and possibly take off a bit off the sides.
A beautiful pair indeed. Wear them well! P.S. What's the fit on these?
Tacky; no matter how good the shoe quality is, and I doubt it is great, no self-respecting sartorialist would buy them based on these ads.
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