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amlai, I really like these. Very original design and the craftsmanship looks top notch! Congrats on your purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda ***$550 SALVATORE FERRAGAMO MENS SHOES 11.5 10.5 45 NR! Might be OK for someone with a narrow foot if it stays below $10. These look very used.
I want to bump this thread. Does anyone have an opinion on Egon Furstenberg shirts?
1. Kiev 2. Batumi 3. Brussels 4. Amsterdam 5. Moscow Want to go to: Athens, Paris, Jerusalem, Singapore, Polynesian Islands.
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer Zero. I paid as I went. +1. This includes undergrad and law school.
F.P. Journe Pink Gold Tourbillon Souverain with Pure black Mother of Pearl dial
I like 3 quite a bit. It would make for a great casual Friday shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal Anything but Allen Edmonds. Only guys older than 50 wear that brand. I would have to agree with this statement.
You won't get a single person on this board to vote for either A or B; both are hideous and with a budget of $250 you can do much, much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan To be clear, MTM isn't really made 'from scratch': the pattern is merely modified from the default. In bespoke, a new pattern is made for you--'from scratch'. Got it, thank you.
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