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Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda ***$550 SALVATORE FERRAGAMO MENS SHOES 11.5 10.5 45 NR! http://cgi.ebay.com/550-SALVATORE-FE...QQcmdZViewItem Might be OK for someone with a narrow foot if it stays below $10. These look very used.
I want to bump this thread. Does anyone have an opinion on Egon Furstenberg shirts?
1. Kiev 2. Batumi 3. Brussels 4. Amsterdam 5. Moscow Want to go to: Athens, Paris, Jerusalem, Singapore, Polynesian Islands.
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer Zero. I paid as I went. +1. This includes undergrad and law school.
F.P. Journe Pink Gold Tourbillon Souverain with Pure black Mother of Pearl dial
I like 3 quite a bit. It would make for a great casual Friday shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal Anything but Allen Edmonds. Only guys older than 50 wear that brand. I would have to agree with this statement.
You won't get a single person on this board to vote for either A or B; both are hideous and with a budget of $250 you can do much, much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan To be clear, MTM isn't really made 'from scratch': the pattern is merely modified from the default. In bespoke, a new pattern is made for you--'from scratch'. Got it, thank you.
MTM, as I understand it, is something that is made for you from scratch, accounting for your every whim and to your exact specifications. An off the rack suit is RTW since you are practically buying a finished product, with the exception of some alterations if needed.
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