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Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 Heading to Belgium in the fall so hopefully I can work on my French. And I was told by a very nice man in the Paris metro that Hebrew was the most beautiful language to learn. Depends on a part of Belgium you are in. You may be speaking Flemish. Lovely country.
Russian and Ukrainian.
These are some fugly glasses.
285 pounds of muscle, 56 inch pecks, 20 inch biceps, 20 inch neck, and a 4 inch dick.
This Mont Blanc looks real to me. I am not a fan though; the leather is tough which I don't like.
Ed, why are the sleeves so long?
Quote: Originally Posted by landho This thread reminds me of dinner after the funeral of a local jerk--everyone badmouths him at first, but then someone says, "Well, there was this one time..." and then pretty soon it turns out that everyone has a fond story: a Kiton shirt here, a pair of Chu pants there, and even an Isaia suit that they ended up loving.... What a bunch of saps. I bought a summer Corneliani suit ($600) and a Canali...
I like some patterns while some look like wallpaper.
I am a 42L and I wear same in Canali. My experience with the label is that it runs true to size.
Awesome stuff. Great help on pronounciation.
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