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These are some fugly glasses.
285 pounds of muscle, 56 inch pecks, 20 inch biceps, 20 inch neck, and a 4 inch dick.
This Mont Blanc looks real to me. I am not a fan though; the leather is tough which I don't like.
Ed, why are the sleeves so long?
Quote: Originally Posted by landho This thread reminds me of dinner after the funeral of a local jerk--everyone badmouths him at first, but then someone says, "Well, there was this one time..." and then pretty soon it turns out that everyone has a fond story: a Kiton shirt here, a pair of Chu pants there, and even an Isaia suit that they ended up loving.... What a bunch of saps. I bought a summer Corneliani suit ($600) and a Canali...
I like some patterns while some look like wallpaper.
I am a 42L and I wear same in Canali. My experience with the label is that it runs true to size.
Awesome stuff. Great help on pronounciation.
amlai, I really like these. Very original design and the craftsmanship looks top notch! Congrats on your purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda ***$550 SALVATORE FERRAGAMO MENS SHOES 11.5 10.5 45 NR! http://cgi.ebay.com/550-SALVATORE-FE...QQcmdZViewItem Might be OK for someone with a narrow foot if it stays below $10. These look very used.
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