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Juding by the number of views and Q&A, it's going to get pricey pretty soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Those are nice. A little bit bigger and I'd be tempted. Indeed nice. I'd ask the seller for measurements since in my limited experience C&J boots tend to run a little large.
I would have kept wearing Mezlan, Heart Schaffner & Marx suits, and think that Armani and Versace are as good as it gets. Thank you SF! P.S. Because of SF, I recently bought my first Corneliani suit, Isaia jacket, and I am constantly improving my wardrobe.
a. testoni size 12. I can't figure out the sole.
It's pretty neat, I suppose, especially for high school age kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bic Pentameter I dislike tassel loafers, so I would say "no." +1
The second picture looks hellacious. In any case, if it can fit you the same way as in the first pic, go for it. It reminds me of Tombolini or Thierry Mugler I recently saw on Ebay.
Certainly, there is a lot of digression when it comes to cleaning shirts. Quite a few of this board's esteemed members wash and iron their own shirts. For me, it is a matter of time and convenience. As a second year associate who works close to 80 hours a week, I can't fathom doing my own washing and ironing; it is enough that I wash my socks every night. Dry cleaners is convenient, especially if you find one that's close and does a good job.
I dry clean my suits about twice a year - I was told anything in excess of that is not good for the fabric. I just picked up two from dry cleaners last night. They were $8.77 each. I dry clean my shirts after one, maximum two wears. The cost depends on the fabric ($1.99 for a cotton shirt and $4.25 for silk, linen). When I pick up my suits, I don't take them home until I had a chance to inspect them inside the store. I look at everything. With shirts, I am less...
Quote: Originally Posted by nate10184 I found a pair of NIB Edward Greens at my Off Fifth in a sea of S5A branded shoes for $330. With my 30% off discount they were 220. I just received a 30% off coupon as a Valentine's day promotion. Will go tomorrow night and post if I find something, including pics.
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