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I meant blazers. Have not tried on anything else. Quality and workmanship is ordinary.
In my experience, Piombo jackets run slightly slim for my body. After handling a few (and not being impressed with fabric/construction), they are meant for slim/skinny body types. If that's you, "true to size" should fit well.
I like a lot of brands but get excited by only a few that are not readily available. On a recent trip to Naples, for example, I got excited when I saw the Gallo store and ended up buying some great socks. Just a few days ago, I got excited when I saw a beautiful, brand new mauve Breuer tie at NM in the clearance bin for $15.
Slim. Size up 1 for a better fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek An example of this is the Sham-Wow which is made in Germany so it must be good. You don't like Sham-Wow?
Plastic buttons, as noted above. Try getting your shirts dry cleaned if that's not too cost prohibitive, or better yet, wash them yourself in warm water (gentle cycle), damp dry then iron.
I was given the Sport issue on my recent visit to their Naples store. The articles I did not care much for but the photos are quite nice.
Nice jacket. Who makes it?
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel Those shirts are super slim and some stretch makes them more comfortable. Makes sense to me, I love wearing them. +1. Finamore, Buonamassa, Mazzarelli all make shirts like that. Have not seen a decrease in quality vs. cotton shirts.
It's been noted on multiple occasions that the quality has gone down since the buyout of the brand by Prada. Wear them sparingly, take good care of them and they will last.
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