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Agree with the general comments above. Voted for Foxx, especially after his ten word personal style description.
+1, the lettering on the box def. gives it away.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 StyleForum should've been an option. +1
I can't pull it off and my co-workers think I wear some flamboyant clothes / colors.
Quote: Originally Posted by dak244 I am sorry if jeans that are less than $200 are not "nice" jeans or if J. Crew and Sperry make terrible shoes, but that is just my style and it works. If you do not agree with / like my style, then please pass on the thread, but no need to come in and bash me or say I am a "dbag". You're taking all this too hard, man. I, for one, had no intent of being "mean." I do hope you stick around the forums.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher No. I see it like clothes: not everything has to be the same color. Making sure every piece of metal on one's body matches is just a bit too precious, in my view. I have a yellow gold wedding ring and have no compunctions about wearing white metal watches, belt buckles, glasses, etc. You're probably right. I may just buy a cheapie watch ($200-300) and see if I can get used to wearing both colors.
I exclusively wear french cuff shirts. They fit my job and look great with a suit.
I like both looks quite a bit except for those stupid braces.
Quote: Originally Posted by TintinATL I think it depends on your skin tone. I prefer gold because my skin is pale, and gold warms it up. Having said that, the only metal I wear is my wedding ring and a watch. What bothers me is that the ring is gold (yellow). I have a watch I like a lot for everyday, which is stainless steel. But I think wearing the two metals looks odd. So sadly, I find myself wearing that watch less frequently. I have another watch...
This question has been answered before. Please look at "similar threads" on the bottom, and don't buy either JCrew or Sperry shoes.
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