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I am between 36-38 depending on the brand. I may make an offer if nobody else bites.
What's the waist on the Isaia pants?
Agree with the general comments above. Voted for Foxx, especially after his ten word personal style description.
+1, the lettering on the box def. gives it away.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 StyleForum should've been an option. +1
I can't pull it off and my co-workers think I wear some flamboyant clothes / colors.
Quote: Originally Posted by dak244 I am sorry if jeans that are less than $200 are not "nice" jeans or if J. Crew and Sperry make terrible shoes, but that is just my style and it works. If you do not agree with / like my style, then please pass on the thread, but no need to come in and bash me or say I am a "dbag". You're taking all this too hard, man. I, for one, had no intent of being "mean." I do hope you stick around the forums.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher No. I see it like clothes: not everything has to be the same color. Making sure every piece of metal on one's body matches is just a bit too precious, in my view. I have a yellow gold wedding ring and have no compunctions about wearing white metal watches, belt buckles, glasses, etc. You're probably right. I may just buy a cheapie watch ($200-300) and see if I can get used to wearing both colors.
I exclusively wear french cuff shirts. They fit my job and look great with a suit.
I like both looks quite a bit except for those stupid braces.
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