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Downy or Niagara wrinkle releaser work great.
Bottega Veneta shoes size 8.5. New. Look real nice. http://cgi.ebay.com/BOTTEGA-VENETA-A...QQcmdZViewItem
One for dark brown Pisa.
I have an awesome pair of Prada loafers, brand new that were given to me as a present but don't quite fit. Size 11. PM me if interested.
I own two pairs of Gravati. They run true to size and are the most comfortable shoes I have.
1, but see if you can tie a better knot.
I've seen this label on Ebay from time to time. Here is one listing, for example. http://cgi.ebay.com/Belvedere-Mens-L...QQcmdZViewItem
I am between 36-38 depending on the brand. I may make an offer if nobody else bites.
What's the waist on the Isaia pants?
Agree with the general comments above. Voted for Foxx, especially after his ten word personal style description.
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