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I saw a mindboggling Stefano Ricci linen shirt at Nieman Marcus a few months ago. It was "marked down" from $960 to $475 on last call. Light blue linen with small flowers.
Quote: Originally Posted by samblau She said that at an interview that would be reason enough to explain why I left the job however I would be unable to leave another job so soon...she suggested a minimum 2 years. Therefore I must be careful when choosing a new job and cannot jump at the first decent offer...already learned from that mistake. I would have to agree with this assessment.
I left my first legal job after 8 months because I was unhappy. I don't see a reason why you should suffer especially since you are not getting paid well. Good luck.
Final price drop on both items.
I just noticed something. The buyer and the seller left each other positive feedback on Feb. 18th and 14th, respectively. This may present a problem for the buyer to return the item since he techinically accepted it in its existing condition and left glowing feedback. Still, never hurts to ask.
Looks pretty good. The pants are too long imo, and you need to polish your shoes.
I love the Kitons.
I think they are authentic but have been worn and resoled.
Fake or not, the shoes are not new, as stated in the auction. Thats a reason enough to worry about everything else.
Price drop on both items.
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