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Quote: Originally Posted by Robertito Sleeve ornament? Do you mean the name tag that is meant to be removed before wearing? I am pretty sure this dragon-looking ornament is non-removable:
I don't like either one. The sleeve ornament in the Ted Baker suit bothers me. CK looks decent in the picture but I doubt it is a quality suit.
From what you mentioned ("I think the dress code is slacks, dress shirt, tie without needing a jacket most days"), you aren't clerking at a conservative firm a la Sullivan & Cromwell. I would, still, overdress just a little and wear a suit half the time - it creates a better impression. Good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sublime_Law If haganah gets this bent out of shape over a necktie imagine how he would respond in a political debate... Oh, wait, I think haganah might actually be Jose Antonio Ortiz. Check him out in this article: Cheap shot.
For $110 why not buy two gorgeous ties from Lance and support a fellow SF member:
It's from a veteran New York investigator.
I also want to add that every item sold by this seller is also fake. There is a really good article on counterfeit merchandise in the latest issue of Cigar Aficionado. Here is a very powerful quote from it: "If you've ever bought a piece of counterfeit merchandise - watch, action toy, handbag, sweatshirt - you have supported organized crime, tolerated child abuse, committed larceny and participated in a business that uses murder as a sales tool."
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Sorry, it's a fake. +1. Definitely fake. Everything from the strap to the leather and the inside compartment that says "computer" leaves little doubt.
Tees - $30 to $200 Shirts - $100+ Sweaters - I am in Florida, no real need Jackets $200+
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano no comprende "tops". +1
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