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Size up 1 is also my experience.
There is nothing wrong with thin wool. Lots of high quality garments on Yoox (Castangia, Kiton, Belvest, etc...) have the "wool voile" description; it's just more of a late spring/summer/early autumn weight. Sorry about your purchase.
I bought a linen LBM blazer from Yoox a while ago and had to send it back - nice fabric but the shoulders were too padded for my liking and I did not like the overly pronounced pick stitching. It looked similar to #1 bought by OP. At $600, these are expensive for the "quality."
A two button, peak lapel with a ticket pocket, hacking pockets and roped shoulders is very ambitious for a first bespoke suit
What about Mazzarelli, Attolini, Cristiani, and Buonamassa, to name just a few, for top Italian RTW brands? I don't think Brioni, BC, Loro Piana are in the upper echelon since all, if memory serves me right, are entirely machine made. No offense, but OP needs to do a lot more research on the subject of shirts.
Outfits look relatively nice, with the exception of very short jackets, but it all looks very trendy - something GQ would be drooling all over.
Don't want to derail, but quite surprised by how popular Carmina brand has become. I was not impressed with what I saw in person on the trip to Spain.
They are nice machine made shirts, good for every day business as well as casual wear. I prefer these to Orian, for example; they are slimmer and have better fabrics. The collar spread on some is very aggressive though (think RLPL "Keaton" type of spread).I bought a few and they are not overly slim even with darts.
True to size, slim but not extra slim. The one's on Yoox have nice fabrics, gussets, but have plastic buttons. For $40-50 a very good deal. Just replace the buttons with mop ones.
Dude, they are just causal shorts and boat shoes. Common.
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