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If you don't own another warm suit and must have this one because of how it fits, then purchase it. I would not spend $2k for a suit that I will wear sparingly for 2 months and then put away until November, unless I have $$$ to burn.
There is a boat load of Nardelli on eBay sold by BeverlyHillsBazaar, all at reasonable prices. I don't have any experience with the brand, however.
Thanks for the code. Just made some purchases.
Fok, this used to be a good thread with helpful info. Can you please delete the last few days' drivel and let this one be all about Yoox? Please....
This looks nice, Chris. The jacket length is spot on as I know you like your jackets slightly on the longer side. I would go with brown shoes, however.
I always wear one but the lack of a pocket square has never ruined a well fitting jacket. Think of it as an easy way to enhance or distract.
Back when he first started, all his clothes were made in Italy. Nowadays, most shoes/sandals are made in Brazil while shirts/jackets are made in Vietnam, if I remember correctly. His top of the line accessories, however, are still made in Italy.
I've liked what I saw from Cruciani and Lardini (both were suede leather).
It's all gone. Looks decently made, but I did not encounter a sartoria by that name in my travels to Napoli.
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