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I've liked what I saw from Cruciani and Lardini (both were suede leather).
It's all gone. Looks decently made, but I did not encounter a sartoria by that name in my travels to Napoli.
Pocket Square should be one of the options. Otherwise, sport coats and shoes, cologne and bracelet.
I hope it works out for you - Lardini runs true to size.
What brand is #2?
#1 looks cheap, bad pattern, plastic buttons. #2 looks slightly better, could be worn with or without tie, don't know about buttons. #3 is a casual shirt to be worn with denims, don't like chest pockets on my shirts. Depending on the brand and how much #2 costs, that one is the winner, imo.
As others have mentioned, rain / nasty weather should not do such damage to the soles. Looks like you were sliding up and down the asphalt. Ask for a refund. If all else fails, get the resoled.
Made in Italy, blake stitched, true to size, nice leather. Bought a pair of boots on Yoox and very happy with them.
What's wrong with shorts? Some of the forum members are just plain weird. Buy yourself a pair of suede Tod's (Arfango, Gucci, whatever) moccasins and wear them in the summer.
Size up 1 is also my experience.
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