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I have seen this brand on Yoox a few times (leather jackets) but never bought anything. Looking at their website ( it looks like it is a mass acquirer of leather goods.
Terrible. Can you please post a link to the tux, for future buyers to beware? Thanks.
Some observations about being a Superstar are valid, but I still enjoy the private room items, early previews, continued discounts I get with my private number as well as occasional freebies (leather wallet, suit bag I just received as a New Year's gift) even though I pass them all along to my buddies. Yoox, in my opinion, remains the best online men's clothing store for high end things at reasonable prices.
Any photos of the sport coats? Also, what is the fabric of the mughal scarves?
I have seen the brand on Yoox but do not have any direct experience with it. I will say, however, that some of these "Napoli" brands on Yoox are quite terrible in quality (e.g., Salvatore Caliendo Napoli - entirely machine made with plastic buttons). There is one Vincenzo Di Ruggiero shirt on Yoox currently: If you zoom in, the shirt has hand-made buttonholes, mop buttons, side...
These would look good with khakis/shirt with rolled up sleeves or shorts/t-shirt. Definitely a warm weather pair of moccasins.
Berluti does not sell used/worn items in its stores. Both bags are friggin' gorgeous.
Luftie, what's wrong with this particular shirt? Looks like a pale blue pow pattern.
I also think Gravati is a great shoe for the price.
You know what the say about opinions.
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