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code works but no free shipping. still bought a few things I wanted. what brands is everyone buying, btw? maybe there is some good unknown stuff i have not heard about. i purchased a few lubiam blazers. will see how they work out.
The price is good for Gravati. If you like them and they will fit you, get them, but I would be deterred by a black suede dress shoe with a rubber sole. Not positive these are Bologna, since Gravati predominantly uses Blake construction.
On my recent trip to Italy, Pal Zileri suits were in almost every men's clothing store in Rome.
L.B.M, just like Tonello and Piombo is more for the hip crowd. If there is one of interest, I would strongly suggest sizing up one for a better fit.
There were a few nice Crocket & Jones shoes as well as Orazio Luciano suits/jackets in the New Arrivals yesterday. All reasonably priced. Gone in minutes.
The "tailoring" line. I have not seen the tags but pretty sure that the Valentino in the $1k range on Yoox are it.
These brands are exclusively carried by Yoox along with Cant's. Good quality, made in Italy, VERY slim fitting.
I own a few pictured above, bought at the store in Naples, and they are some of my favorite ties. Good quality control, too. When one of the ties had a small snag, the saleswoman apologized and quickly put it aside. They are also very good about giving discounts if you buy multiple things. Just get to the store well before 1pm. Italians are very serious about their siesta.
If you don't own another warm suit and must have this one because of how it fits, then purchase it. I would not spend $2k for a suit that I will wear sparingly for 2 months and then put away until November, unless I have $$$ to burn.
There is a boat load of Nardelli on eBay sold by BeverlyHillsBazaar, all at reasonable prices. I don't have any experience with the brand, however.
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