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I have bought some very nice, reasonable priced, Made in Italy house brands from S5A and NM.
For sale is a lot of 38 issues of Men's Ex magazine that needs no introduction on this forum. This is, bar none, the best men's style magazine currently in publication. A quick and relatively inexpensive way to build a sizable magazine library. Each magazine is sold for over $20 at retail. I am moving and unable to bring them with me, hence I am charging slightly over $6 per issue that also includes all shipping expenses (the magazines weigh 65 pounds). All issues are...
In response to ALCIBIADES regarding sporadic wear, I have a pair of New Standards I bought in 2009 that I mostly wear during winter months here in Florida. More than 4 years later and after only one wash, there is very little fading (slight whiskers but no honeycombs).
Yup, Yoox. No good, right (looks really high waisted)? What are some of the things to look for in the "proper" DH denim?
Gents, what DH is this one? 21cm?
Thank you. They fit true to size. If your exact size is not available and you are thinking about sizing up or down half a size, however, I would size down.
Don't get me wrong, I like the cornicione char just like the rest of you, but the crust on the bottom side of this pizza is burned. When I was in Naples, not one pizza looked alike, even from the same place.
I own something similar to the second pair of Santoni's you posted (mine are a FAM, orange sock) and they are a very nice, dressy pair of shoes. They were UK sized, so pay careful attention if you decide to purchase from the official site.  
Blue + brown (jackets/trousers) works like peanut butter and jelly.
That's a huge bow tie, Chris, even in comparison to the lapels.
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