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Made home made Uzbek samsa last night.
Enjoyed meeting everyone. Let's reconvene sometime next month, if schedules permit.
I will be there. Just moved to D.C. and look forward to meeting fellow SF members.
The Kiton suit in question is not a no. 2 suit but something you purchase once you have a sizable suit wardrobe. Depending on what color the Canali is, I would concentrate on a solid dark grey, sharkskin, or different shades of blue (dark/midnight).
It is definitely not an orphaned suit jacket.
The jacket length on your past few fits is just right compared to some of your previous jackets which were a bit on a long side for me. A concerted effort?
Re: Paul Taylor. I ordered the jacket below and while it was made in Italy, it was fused and had very padded shoulders. Had to return it. Quality is so so. Fits slim.
I have bought some very nice, reasonable priced, Made in Italy house brands from S5A and NM.
For sale is a lot of 38 issues of Men's Ex magazine that needs no introduction on this forum. This is, bar none, the best men's style magazine currently in publication. A quick and relatively inexpensive way to build a sizable magazine library. Each magazine is sold for over $20 at retail. I am moving and unable to bring them with me, hence I am charging slightly over $6 per issue that also includes all shipping expenses (the magazines weigh 65 pounds). All issues are...
In response to ALCIBIADES regarding sporadic wear, I have a pair of New Standards I bought in 2009 that I mostly wear during winter months here in Florida. More than 4 years later and after only one wash, there is very little fading (slight whiskers but no honeycombs).
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