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Munchausen, who is the girl in your avatar?
Looks fake. Two very clashing labels: tesutto (made from Zegna cloth) + a Zegna label I have never seen before.
I hope this is photoshopped. Unbelievable.
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell No. Soles are too thick and toe is too blobby. +1. These are jean boots.
The front and the back views tell a completely different story. While the jacket looks fine from the front, from the back it is big in the shoulders and in length (it is not a terrible fit, btw). Perhaps the alterations mentioned by OP would make it look better. Depending on the price, however, I would just shorten it by an inch or two.
My first shoes out of grad school were Mezlan. Bought them in 2005-2006 from Grapevinehill on eBay for app. $80 a pair and enjoyed wearing them for a few years. Decent start up shoe for the money, but noting I would currently consider. £170 sounds very expensive for the brand.
Caruso will fit slightly different than RLBL. It is a bit more fuller in cut, but still trim. Depending on the price, I would go for mainline Caruso.
There are so many threads on this. Just do a search. For starters, white linen, white silk, white linen/silk with color edges, light/dark blue with floral motives, etc... Basically nothing too "in your face."
Since OP already purchased P90X and spent considerable $$$ on it, any further advice may be redundant. Nevertheless, doing elliptical 4 mornings a week for 40 minutes and cutting out fried foods made my lose 12 pounds in 4 weeks. Running would have the same effect. Plain and simple.
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