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Since OP already purchased P90X and spent considerable $$$ on it, any further advice may be redundant. Nevertheless, doing elliptical 4 mornings a week for 40 minutes and cutting out fried foods made my lose 12 pounds in 4 weeks. Running would have the same effect. Plain and simple.
Great conservative shoes and great prices. Nothing in my size, however.
I have seen it on the Armani items only.
Btw, what is everyone buying? I bought some shoes for my wife, a pair of black (looks like raw denim) Spurr jeans for $50, and 4 Orian shirts for $35.
Quote: Originally Posted by tv2177 damn, only I just ordered my shoes last night and this morning this code pops up. my $10 bucks!! Call Yoox and tell them that. Their policy, I think, is 72 hours from the date of the purchase. What they will do is issue you a refund or put the savings in your Money Yoox once the shoes arrive and fit.
Worked for me. It is LOVEMYDREAMBOX.
Never usedf STP. How does the suit in the link end up being $600?
Received as a new year's gift from wife.
Isn't UK sizing usually one full sizer bigger rather than half a size? Or is EG different?
This is a great deal since Alea's and Mastai are sold on YOOX for tripple the price. Interested in 16.5/42.
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