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VS. Are these the watches? I would say the French looks a bit more masculine (quite a paradox, I know). Both are quartz, if that makes any difference to you. Why not go for an automatic?
What is the fit like: TTS or very slim?
These are def. cheaper fabircs, i.e., cotton, polyamid, etc... Perhaps nice for a casual suit/jacket. Boglioli, in general, fits a bit snug, so I would size up 1.
Just came back from Naples. The Finamore shop is very cozy and offers a nice selection of MTM shirts. Prices start at 240 Euro for MTM.
Commendable. It is one thing to buy an expensive pair of shoes, but all your purchases have been very tasteful and would compliment anybody's wardrobe. Same goes for the ties. How about shirts and accessories (belts, pocket squares)? Look forward to seeing the suits/sport coats.
Mostsly everything is a repeat from the things that did not sell before. Yoox is a bit lame lately.
I know the brands I like and search by those. Sometimes, I will just browse through the names and click on the ones that sound cool. This is how I discovered Lardini, Cristiani, and Roda to name a few.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk You want a shirt made from the most pieces, apparently. In any case, lots of factors, as been described. Fit, construction, materials, handwork and lots of it, with collars, sleeves, plackets, buttonholes, buttons (only MOP) should all sewn by hand.
Will be in Naples in 3 days. Had Ambrosi on my list of places to stop by and perhaps commission a pair of trousers. I may still stop by, if nothing else.
+1. I would also go elsewhere since the tailor could not get the shoulders right either.
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