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Studio line is, indeed, the lowest rated line by Ferragamo, trailing the Tramezza and Lavorazione by a long margin. It was created to appeal to the younger, hipper crowd at a lower retail price. As stated, the quality of leather and styling is not on par with mainline Ferragamo shoes, but that's not to say that it is complete garbage. The shoes in question are not unattractive but look to be made of very thin (hopefully not corrected-grain) leather. For $159, it is not...
Munchausen, who is the girl in your avatar?
Looks fake. Two very clashing labels: tesutto (made from Zegna cloth) + a Zegna label I have never seen before.
I hope this is photoshopped. Unbelievable.
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell No. Soles are too thick and toe is too blobby. +1. These are jean boots.
The front and the back views tell a completely different story. While the jacket looks fine from the front, from the back it is big in the shoulders and in length (it is not a terrible fit, btw). Perhaps the alterations mentioned by OP would make it look better. Depending on the price, however, I would just shorten it by an inch or two.
My first shoes out of grad school were Mezlan. Bought them in 2005-2006 from Grapevinehill on eBay for app. $80 a pair and enjoyed wearing them for a few years. Decent start up shoe for the money, but noting I would currently consider. £170 sounds very expensive for the brand.
Caruso will fit slightly different than RLBL. It is a bit more fuller in cut, but still trim. Depending on the price, I would go for mainline Caruso.
There are so many threads on this. Just do a search. For starters, white linen, white silk, white linen/silk with color edges, light/dark blue with floral motives, etc... Basically nothing too "in your face."
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