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Lebron's style is on and off, mostly off. He definitely has a stylist who puts these outfits together fro him; his color combinations are often very safe. Chris Bosh, from the little I have seen, is the best dressed dude out of the "big three."
$32.90 shipped via Kinokuniya. I kopped a copy.
How much does this book go for?
Quote: Originally Posted by fishsalad Why? Considering retail price in USA is 3,000 and they sell it for 1/3 of retail. Btw, they manufacture Oxxford in USA? Partially because I am spoiled by the great deals on the "Buying and Selling" Forum and Yoox . Oxxford is made in Chicago, if I remember correctly. Good luck with the purchase.
While Oxxford is highly regarded on this forum, the $1200 price tag is too high, in my opinion. Your "size" is working against you here since suits in sizes 46-48 are tough to come by.
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit Lardini=Dolce&Gabbana Huh? From what I know they make suits for many fashion labels, but their house product is very good. It's like saying that Edward Green is Ralph Lauren.
Lardini is very pretty, albeit not my size. A very underrated brand.
Martegani's are gorgeous. Would kop if they were 10.5/11.
Wearing my Zegna shoes to work today
Quote: Originally Posted by lxlfeng how do you do that? the only payment option i see is cc?
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