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Do it, it would look nice with these shoes.
Our wedding anniversary falls on Father's Day. Got a Tod's bracelet, a hand made tie rack and an E.G. Cappelli tie
I tried these on some time back at Neiman Marcus in San Diego and the leather had visible creases after a few minutes of walking on carpet. I bought Santoni FAM double monks instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Really? That sounds low. Doesn't their MTM start at ~$5k US? I was also surprised and made plans to come back in the fall and have a few suits and jackets made. I can provide an update once I finalize my plans and get a direct quote, but that was the price that Ciro, the salesman quoted me. There is a store right next to Attolini called Argenio. They quoted me €1500 for a bespoke suit. P.S. Speaking of...
Quote: Originally Posted by banis Attolini told me in December that jackets started from €2,500. They told me in May that the price for a suit is €2,500.
While I have enjoyed your prior Vanni suits, there is something about this one that does not look right. The trousers, as others have mentioned, sit very strange, particularly in the first photo. Also, perhaps the lapels are too wide, even though you were going for the whole "Neapolitan" style.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier Does anyone else? Does it matter?
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I really think that is just too silly for men to pull off. It's bad enough when women do it. I disagree. I have a few Finamore and Roda linen scarves I wear during summer, either with a jacket of with a shirt. I like the look.
Why all the hate? Here is a nice video on how to do it. Whether one can pull it off is another thing.
Brooks Brothers should be in your price range, Jorge, especially if you have an outlet nearby. Their shirts are better than JoS, Macy's, etc...
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