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Sutor, last time I checked, does not have a diffusion line thats inferior in quality. If they fit and you like them, wear them well. Btw, did you size up for your pair?
What's wrong with the shoes you posted?
Both dates work for me. Thanks for organizing.
Made home made Uzbek samsa last night.
Enjoyed meeting everyone. Let's reconvene sometime next month, if schedules permit.
I will be there. Just moved to D.C. and look forward to meeting fellow SF members.
The Kiton suit in question is not a no. 2 suit but something you purchase once you have a sizable suit wardrobe. Depending on what color the Canali is, I would concentrate on a solid dark grey, sharkskin, or different shades of blue (dark/midnight).
It is definitely not an orphaned suit jacket.
The jacket length on your past few fits is just right compared to some of your previous jackets which were a bit on a long side for me. A concerted effort?
Re: Paul Taylor. I ordered the jacket below and while it was made in Italy, it was fused and had very padded shoulders. Had to return it. Quality is so so. Fits slim. http://www.yoox.com/us/41435344DG/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=41435344DG&sizeId=
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