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How were the prices?
Don't know if I can make it, but will try.
The Lavorazione Originale is the "regular" Ferragamo line. These shoes, in particular, I would pass on: strange design, logo on the side...
The rooftop would be an ideal place to light up a cigar if they permit it. See you all around 6:30pm.
My pleasure. I will bring some tomorrow.
Gentlemen, I have 8-10 cigars in my humidor that are ready for consumption (mostly Honduran and Nicaraguan). Any interest in partaking in a smoke tomorrow night?
Will try to make it.
Sutor, last time I checked, does not have a diffusion line thats inferior in quality. If they fit and you like them, wear them well. Btw, did you size up for your pair?
What's wrong with the shoes you posted?
Both dates work for me. Thanks for organizing.
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