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Congratulations on your MTM journey. Please post some photos.
Ditto on Isaia. Received 2 nice garment bags with the coral embellishment.
Ouch, quite steep for Marshall's. I may still go this weekend to take a gander.
How were the prices?
Don't know if I can make it, but will try.
The Lavorazione Originale is the "regular" Ferragamo line. These shoes, in particular, I would pass on: strange design, logo on the side...
The rooftop would be an ideal place to light up a cigar if they permit it. See you all around 6:30pm.
My pleasure. I will bring some tomorrow.
Gentlemen, I have 8-10 cigars in my humidor that are ready for consumption (mostly Honduran and Nicaraguan). Any interest in partaking in a smoke tomorrow night?
Will try to make it.
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