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Who stocks dior denim in Chicago, going in a couple weeks. Thanks in advance.
I hope so
New cut on those coasts look great. JE tees are my go to lately. Love the length and feel. You guys should make some with the sleeves a little longer, they flare out a little unless your jacked.
Let me know how the quality and fit are when you receive it.
What color? Just curious
I've got the black and red perf toes. Love them, nice slim silhouette. Hard to get my foot in them with the stock lacing though.
Are the dropping all leather bballs anytime soon? I thought I saw a group pic that included them in there.
Bballs are beautiful. They have an all white pair too, I'm not sure whose gonna be carrying those. I need an all black pair. I've been waiting a couple years for a release. I wasn't feeling the vintage sole on the ones a couple seasons ago.
Anyone know a website that is carrying the midnight fog flyknit chukka?
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