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Do they have any outerwear stock?  Specifically the stone colored blouson.
99% chance that they won't even notice that they are boots.
Thier outerwear fits a little big in my experience. I am a 36 and a size small was too big.
Abused the free return policy last year when the outlet was open.
Looks  like you nailed the fit this time around.  This looks great.  Your last one had to much material in the stomach area kinda making it look like you have a belly.
I think shorter shorts would look better.  Have you ever tried shorter shorts or thought about it?  An inch or so maybe more.
bodybuilding forum too.
 I also think it looks great.
So black tie with brown square and shoes are ok to wear together?
How do you get on doing something like this.  I realize it is too late now but I live in OKC and this would have been a cool thing to do.
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