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I hate getting 4 birdies in a round and not breaking par.
I have been driving a Honda fit for the past 4 years and I love it. I don't really want anything else but maybe an air cooled 911 it's just not really practical.
Exactly what I was thinking.
Sounds great.  Please post pictures and details on the changes you made to the collar when you get a chance.
New seersucker shirt.    
Seersucker on a warm summer day.  Sorry for the keys snapped these pics just before getting in the car to head to dinner and a movie with my lady.    
I like this but a wider tie would be nice.
 Quote:It is the Turner one piece hidden button down collar.  I like it but it is a little to tall for me.  On my next order I will get the same collar but shorter.  I sent in a shirt to be replicated with some adjustments as well as a picture of how I wanted the hem to be shaped.  I have not worn the shirt for long periods of time tucked in but just wearing tucked in around the house it stays tucked just fine.  I wanted this to be a versatile shirt that I can wear tucked,...
Here is a pic of my first luxire shirt straight out of the box.  Fabric is blue dress stripe seersucker.  I am pretty happy with it and will be making some small adjustments on my next one.  I will post more detailed pictures after it is washed and ironed. 
How much higher is it than your mtm? Pics?
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