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 I found an old card here with contact details (the number is Michael's number, who works with Ng now): 
 Thanks, another member PMed me of my error, will correct! Who is Hui sifu?
I'm actually inquiring for my dad, he managed to get ahold of Lai sifu (presumably the older gentleman with the white hair is him)  Ng sifu and got some quotes, plus a sample: 
Fake AF, sorry for wasting people's time!
  Yeah, another SFer and discuss members said that too. Allegedly, Michael is still willing to take on suits though.
Has anyone gotten a suit made by Michael (Lai sifu's partner), or whoever he contracts it out to? What are my choices for $3500-$4000?
Anyone have an issue with buyers not leaving any feedback even after politely asking for it?
    Done. Hope these are OK, I based it off of Spoo's feeBay listings. All approximate of course: JacketPit-to-Pit: 22.125"Sleeve from Shoulder Seam: 25.5"Waist from Lower Button: 20.75"Back Length from BOC: 30.25"Shoulder Length (Seam to Seam): 18.5" TrousersAcross Waist: 18.625"Across Hip at Bottom of Pocket Opening: 22"Inseam: 34.25"Outseam: 44"Leg Opening: 8.125"Rise: 10.5"Extra Material Under Cuff: 1.625"
 It's a new Susu suit that has not been hemmed or altered, still new in box.
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