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S&M is where I'll be going tomorrow!
 I asked on of the reps and she said they will be restocking AE's in the near future but for the time being, it's disco'd.
 Not entirely sure, I think that's their regular price until it runs out. 
The Harry Rosen Outlet at Vaughan Mills had AE Neumok's for $180.
Got two pairs (BNWT) of their classic fit 12.5oz Japanese selvedge fabric denim for sale, one with a 33W and the other with a 34W. Both have an inseam of 34". Made in the USA with a button fly, $100 $95 each shipped, or $85 local pickup in Toronto. Great starter denim, nice weight (not too heavy), chainstitched hems, no extra embellishments, plus it just exudes quality!   33W   Waist = 17.75" (35.5") Front Rise = 11" Thigh Size = 12" Knee = 9.5" Leg...
  You know they had a 50% off coupon? I got my original price adjusted. It became $110 after taxes, which is quite reasonable.
  Skip Kaufman's. They only have the Sterlingwear Authentic, and wanted $450 for the Mil-Spec (special order) which is $100 more than Sterlingwear direct. I tried on the Authentic, felt flimsy compared to my Fidelity. Also tried on the Schott, but I don't really get the huge price variation between the 32oz Schott and the Fidelity when the latter's list price is a third of the former.   EDIT: The arm holes were also cut pretty loose, and didn't curve down enough, which...
  Kaufmann's Army Surplus and Army Navy Deals? I'm actually going to the Big Apple (and Woodbury) on the 26th lol, perhaps we'll see each other. I want to try on the Sterlingwears in person!
    Wonderful, thanks again! The way the handwarmer pockets are positioned ensures the button will never come close to it, so I should be safe in that regards, but if it does hit the pocket, I will be sewing the button only through the outside shell, and not all the way through the lining. But knowing me, I'll screw it up the first time and realize what I'd done.
  That's what I am doing, but I won't be changing the top buttons by much, the upper torso fits fine, the bottom/waist however could use a 0.5" to 1" shift. If you move it too much the left row of buttons will center and look asymmetrical.
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