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That is...AMAZING. Luck of draw perhaps? 
 Nope, we're VAT exempt but will have to pay the 18% tax and duties.
Is that wise? I mean, make do until your job picks up and you're out of college, but dropping that much in college personally isn't a smart idea. But that's just my two cents...
 Yorkville said you can only buy them online, so not them. Bunch of tools.
Have one more grey plaid!
Last drop, $80 shipped!
 That'd be Novelty Shoe Repair.
Updated OP with real life pictures (ignore my thigh and foot, they're not for sale) and trade requests.
Dropped to $85 shipped.
$85 shipped. New with tags never worn, no pulls or snags. Purchased from Harry Rosen. Would trade for navy or rust brown grenadine from Hober or Drake's or similar.   1) Grey Plaid/Tartan with Brown Accents
New Posts  All Forums: