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 'CYBERBLACK' gets you 20% off over the 15% 'BLACKISBACK' Sweet! Email inbound, thanks for all the help!
Hey Rick, if we missed the original SF code and used the Black Friday code instead, do you think I can contact CS and get the extra 5% credited back?   Thanks!
Here's why I suggested going north of the city, immigrants are no longer settling in either Chinatown, rather going to Markham as there's a much bigger group of Asians here. As such, there's a lot more variety here and arguably better quality. Trust, it's worth it.
 The opposite for me as I live in Markham, here's a list the blogTO put together (I've only been to Rol San and Lai Wah Heen and both were a bit meh): http://www.blogto.com/toronto/the_best_dim_sum_in_downtown_toronto/ http://www.blogto.com/toronto/the_best_dim_sum_in_toronto/ Thing is, if you want authenticity, you go to Asian areas, downtown Toronto isn't it, and the prices are evidence of that.
Never find good dimsum in the downtown core, if you want authetic stuff that isn't inflated in price, go to any of the more well known place in Richmond Hill/Markham or Scarbs. Dragon Boat in Richmond Hill is one, Shangri La (a bit more upscale) in Markham is decent too. My default to go to place is either Deluz at McCowan and Finch or Fancy at Kennedy and 14th.
White's semi dress.
Thing is, it depends what kind of exposure you ultimately want to attain - yes, getting websites and reviewers to constantly recommend or throw S&M into the limelight is great, but at the time being it may throw you guys too much business to handle. Not to mention some sites overdo it and it makes it seem like they are shilling for a specific company. I'm all for word of mouth, because let's face it - S&M is still relatively new and local so to speak. With the new DT...
   Went to Marshalls at Aura (Yonge/Gerrard) and the Bathurst/Lawrence Winners. Lots of YSL/SLP stuff if you're shopping for your SO. Not all Winners/Marshalls are the same, have to go to the 'Red Carpet' or 'Runway' locations, ie, Bloor flagship, the one close to Scotiabank Theatre, the two I mentioned above, and the one at Maple on Major Mac/Keele. Saw Lanvin, Gucci, Versace (if you're into those brands, which I am not) and mainline Zegna today
Has anyone stepped into Woolridge shoes yet at Commerce Court? They only carry Loake?   BTW, Winners/Marshalls (multiple locations) just restocked with a ton of Corneliani (all three lines) two pieces, outerwear etc and also RLBL. Also had this nice Loro Piana superfine wool overcoat for $500, made in Italy, unknown maker. Lots of good picks.
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