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 I'm not particularly fond of the Jubilee in certain situations, quite frankly I believe the Jubilee or President bracelets should be reserved for the older, more distinguished gentleman haha.
Anyone have their DJ on a (leather) strap? Can it pull off as a dress watch, even though it's slightly thicker than say a Glashutte or Nomos?
Minor thing, but stuffed in the breast pocket of that Kiton jacket I had thrifted earlier? Why a new Kiton linen/cotton square from this season. N/A.    
Any suggestions for sub $3000 dress watches? Like the look of the Nomos Zurich, and not too pricey either.
Yeah I thought as much. Will pass!
Ever had a 4000+ power seller with 100% feedback contact you out of the blue to buy things outside of eBay? Assuming transactions go through PayPal and have tracking info, would everything be kosher?
Hey Rick, the code is invalid?
 Cross posted on FMF, don't think the MFA guys would go for S&M TBH haha. And also on RFD.
Updated pics after brushing and cleaning.
New Posts  All Forums: