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$90 each plus shipping (a few dollars to most destinations). New with tags never worn, no pulls or snags. Purchased from Harry Rosen.   From right to left (rightmost 3 ties only) in first picture:   1) Navy  with Striped   2) Grey Plaid/Tartan with Brown Accents   3) Plain Grey
These are the 34" Contemp Navy Pin trousers, should I go up a size? Everything fits fine, waist is good, just some outlining. If I size up I'll have to take in the waistband.      
Got my trousers order in yesterday, couple notes/recommendations:   1) Is there anyway to eliminate the taping/fabric edging on the seams of the pocket bags? They make the bags print/outline because it's twice as thick in those areas.   2) Perhaps have the care tag sewn on the inside of the trousers instead of inside the rear pocket bags, that way again, they won't print since the tag material is pretty thick.   3) Lastly, maybe I'm nitpicking a bit here but on all...
Oh and most importantly, more white, light blue and lighter solids for shirts. And stock more 15-1/2 to 16 as those two sizes always sells out first.
More grey trousers instead of patterns!
 Vaughan Mills has an Asics store that also sells Tigers at around a $88 pricepoint. However, another member here or on NikeTalk posted about this place: http://www.gentlemensquest.com/product-category/footwear/onitsuka-tiger/ Legit and if he has your size, a lot cheaper.
 Actually, any Nordstrom Rack carries the standard Woodlore trees for $15 - that's another option. Same with Century21 stores.
 Only thing I've heard about the Harry SS is the boxy fit, not sure if you can choose another cut?
Thanks for finally updating the page with the store hours! One more thing, does online stock represent stock at the warehouse as well? For example, if the new white OCBD shit in 15-1/2" is sold out online, if I popped into the store is there a chance that it's still available?
Can't believe noone asked this, but budget? I mean the options are limitless, but I presume your budget isn't!
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