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 Actually, any Nordstrom Rack carries the standard Woodlore trees for $15 - that's another option. Same with Century21 stores.
 Only thing I've heard about the Harry SS is the boxy fit, not sure if you can choose another cut?
Thanks for finally updating the page with the store hours! One more thing, does online stock represent stock at the warehouse as well? For example, if the new white OCBD shit in 15-1/2" is sold out online, if I popped into the store is there a chance that it's still available?
Can't believe noone asked this, but budget? I mean the options are limitless, but I presume your budget isn't!
Lol, that sounds like what I expected as well. Sort of like CollegePro painters where the 'sales reps' look after their own franchise and won't get paid unless they sell. Avoid.
 They were pretty pretentious last time I went in asking for a quote. I obviously didn't go back.
Echoing the others, Spier & Mackay is a solid offering, but their stuff runs a bit on the slim side so you may have to size up one and bring the waist in. Suit Supply has trousers too.
Ended up getting a woven wool blue, but I think I'm going to experiment with a shade of red, maybe grenadine sort of deal? It's a winter-ish weight, I';d say closer to summer though.
Just bought a blue stripe Washington from SS and require some assistance in tie matching. Since it's textured, I was assuming something of the deonegal variety instead of smooth silk, though I'm just pulling from what I've seen here and online. Help! (possibly threw this in the wrong thread!)  
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