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Yessir I am. And for a small fee I can be persuaded to proxy it back as I'm in China/Hong Kong until the end of the month.I got my true brannock sizing which matched my LodinG and AE 5 last sizing.Although I'm a size 12 so that might not translate properly for smaller sizes, YMMV!
My first and second outing on the 915 last cap toes! Yes I'm using trees, but I wonder if I should've used the pen creasing method to promote better creases. Regardless, I think they were superb value.
Reigning Champ, wings+horns.
 HOW COULD I FORGET KILLSHOTS LOL. MFA certified (official outfit essentially). Good luck getting your hands on a pair, I ordered the second it went live and still hasn't shipped yet.  I was at Nordstom yesterday and they had a pair of size 11 court high's in grey marked down to $165. Did not cop, too small :(. This was at Yorkdale.
Retail was $1750, legitimate Made in Italy F. Façonnable aviator, not the Chinese or Thailand impostors. Brand new with tags!   Free shipping in US/Canada, looking for $415 USD net paypalled. Measurements: Chest 23.25 Sleeve 27.5 from shoulder seam Hip (non stretched, it's elasticized) 17 Height (bottom of collar to hip) 26.5 Shoulder (back, shoulder seam to seam) 18.5 Shoulder seam to center of back 9.75 Waist (10" up from bottom) 20.75
wings+horns court low/high, various Vans.
 ANOTHER White's?! What on earth are people thinking.
 Reason they're closing (imo anyways) is that they are a shadow of their former Last Call self. Subpar brands with mediocre prices, you used to be able to find gold at Last Call. Good riddance.
WTB: Selvedge raw denim, tapered 33-34W, 34-36L!
  The serifs in the 'PARIS' on the inner care tag are missing, and the 'PARIS' on the white tag looks offy to me, but that's IMO etc etc.
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