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ANOTHER HUGE DROP! $1200 USD shipped!
 Yeah meh, around $2k after discount for most pieces.
If anyone has stopped into Saks recently, they have marked down 50-60% of their Isaia selection by 40%.
 The boots I shipped to Tokyo a couple weeks back with Priority arrived within a week without any issues, so USPS is A-OK in my books.
 Ahhh. Yeah I'm waiting for a BF sale on Veilance lol, have tried on everything I would potentially want. Too bad there was a 30% price increase this year, effectively sale pricing just brings it back to last years pricing :(.
 Is that the Koda? Try out the Camosun as well. Or Veilance Monitor Down. 
Thing is the Nordstrom warehouse sale is women-centric, very few pieces for menswear (and meh brands). Plus the lineups are crazy (at least the Markham one was earlier this year).
 No, only the brown, grey and navy.
 Yeah, I'm an idiot and typed colours twice, but yes. Navy had the greatest quantity followed by brown and grey.
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