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Unfortunately no 36 this season in the jeans. Will check tomorrow to see what kind of room there is to let out in the thighs.   Thanks,   Saager
The deep purple is very nice. Yes use SFNEIGHBOUR upon checkout.    Thanks, Saager
  Hey,   In regards to the size 34 cotton twill jeans, the front rise measures 10.5".
Hey,   In regards to the size 34 cotton twill jeans, the front rise measures 10.5".
Thanks!   Measurements are up now for the new items. www.shopneighbour.com/collections/patrik-ervell   -Saager
Our first delivery of Patrik Ervell is now online. Pocket sweaters, patterned rib sweatshirts, jeans and a knit cap is included in our first delivery. As usual use SFNEIGHBOUR when checking out for your Style Forum discount. We're always here to help also so shoot us a PM or email at info@shopneighbour.com   http://www.shopneighbour.com/collections/patrik-ervell   Thanks, Saager
Our First and Second delivery from Our Legacy is now online. Several shirt options and a couple suiting options http://www.shopneighbour.com/collections/our-legacy . Please let us know if you have any questions.   Kind regards,   Saager
Yes one of our deliveries will have Varsity Jacket in Navy quilted nylon as well as the deep purple boiled wool w/ navy nylon .
Blue Wool Shirt -Large chest pocket -Most of the buttons are covered by the placket with the exception of the top two. -White yarns knit in the fabric -Weight of the wool is on the lighter side but still gives the shirt structure -Buttons are fabric buttons dyed by Frank Leder in-house -Fabric comes from a manufacturer near Vienna, Austria who specializes in traditional weaves and patterns -Price $305 CAD, Available S,M   Green Loden...
Our Frank Leder AW12-13 Delivery is now here. Below are some quick images from our selection. In depth photos will be up early next week but please let us know if you have any questions or need further information.   Red Knit Cardigan -Hand knit cardigan -Herringbone pattern with black cuffs and hem -Buttons from the 1930s -Red, beige and some blue yarn tones make up the knit -Price $305, Available in M,L   Black/Grey...
New Posts  All Forums: