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A handful of last pieces left to be had from our batch of Patrik Ervell S/S 2013.   Heather Rib Pattern Sweatshirt Nylon Shirt Jacket Pima Cotton Pocket Sweater Formal Short Sleeve Shirt Granite Standard Buttondown Dark Denim Selvedge Denim Stonewash
All measurements are now up for our Marbles in Cans selection. Feel free to send over an additional questions.   Thanks, Saager
Hi SF,   Our selection from Marbles in Cans SS13 is now online. Check-out additional photos, details and information on our site   Feel free to PM us or send an email to or if you have any other questions.   -Saager
Hey AndrewRyanWallace,   You're correct about the sweaters. The Valve Jumpers and Shake Jumpers do run a bit slimmer in comparison to the F/W knits. But for reference I'm 5' 7", 140 lbs and the size IVs fit me spot on. In any case, let us know if you need measurements on any of the pieces we've shown as they won't be online until next week. Hope that helps!   Best,   -- Justin
Thank you! We hope to have everything up early next week but please let us know if anyone needs further details.   -Saager
The jacquard items were really impressive and the green tones are nice as well.
A couple other shots
The pull shert is a copper/brown shade. Here is a shot of the back where you can see the subtle leather detail at the bottom of the sleeve.   -Saager  
Hi SF,   Here is are some quick photos of our first delivery. They should be online within the coming weeks but please send us a message if you are interested in a style or have a question. Prices and size availability are listed below each photo. We can also send larger photos upon request.   Thanks,   Saager     Shirt Buffed Navy, 100% Cotton - Available Size 3-7 $230    Shirt Buffed White, 100% Cotton - Available Size...
We will be receiving the pocket sweater in black as well.    -Saager
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