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Measurements for all items with the exception of the varsity an field coat are now online. http://www.shopneighbour.com/collections/patrik-ervell   Send over any additional questions and we will get back to you.   Thanks,   Saager
Second delivery is now up. http://www.shopneighbour.com/collections/patrik-ervell   Included are the following:   -Winter Buttondowns in olive, charcoal and grey (we may be getting size small in olive in our final delivery) -Boiled Wool Varsity Jacket in deep purple -Standard Buttondowns in faded denim, white pinpoint oxford, grey pinpoint oxford -Field Coat in slate   Feel free to send us a PM or email at info@shopneighbour.com for measurements or any...
Hi,   No restocks on the pocket sweater and no new colours unfortunately. We'll be getting the Icelandic Sweater in faded black in XS. Our final delivery should arrive soon. Also a bunch of shirting and outerwear will go onto our online shop by mid week.   -Saager
We just received the faded denim version. It is soft unlike last Fall's more rigid denim standard buttondown.   -Saager  
Generation is slimmer than the 1950s cut.   -Saager
Yes, it is pretty impressive. Works great as a light jacket as much as an overshirt. We should have all three versions online soon enough.   -Saager  
Hey SF,   Our second delivery is now in-store.   Winter Buttondown in Olive, Heather Grey, Charcoal Standard Buttondown in White Oxford, Grey Oxford, Faded Denim Field Coat in Slate Grey Twill Varsity Jacket in Deep Purple Boiled Wool   Feel free to send us an email or PM in regards to available sizes, measurements, pricing etc.   Thanks, Saager
Just received the 2nd delivery today. Still have a few styles remaining but received the following today:   -Field Coat in Slate Twill -Varsity Jacket in Boiled Wool -Winter Buttondowns in Olive, Charcoal, and Heather Grey -Standard Buttondowns in Light Denim, Grey Oxford and White Oxford   Thanks,   Saager
The flat measurement for the knit cap at its opening is 7.75 inches.   Thanks,   Saager
Hi,   Will send you the measurements tomorrow morning.   As for the other questions.   1) Definitely thick enough for the winter. It is a thicker rib so it is a good weight.  2) We will be getting a Icelandic pattern knit cap in dark navy from Patrik Ervell soon, but no other colours in ribbed knit cap style.   Thanks, Saager
New Posts  All Forums: