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We just received our second delivery. We now have the coated baseball jacket, milk nylon air jacket, quilted silk jacket, a standard buttondown that we have not seen on the Patrik Ervell website as well as the brown sweatshirt that is unique to us from what we have seen. As usual if anyone has any questions please let me know either at or through PM. We also have a "StyleForum discount code" for 10%, use SFNEIGHBOUR when checking out. Here is the...
Our four styles are up online now   Feel free to ask any questions.   -Saager    
We've got our first delivery in stock now   Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or send me an email at   -Saager
We just received our delivery of Frank Leder. We started off with a few sizes and they will all be up online soon. In the meantime here are photos of the new styles...   Red Linen Shirt   Blue Cotton Jacket     Beige Linen Jacket     Blue Cotton Cardigan     We have sizes small through large available in each. Feel free to contact us at for further info.   -Saager
Hey SF,   We just received our first delivery of OL and it is now up online for your viewing pleasure!   As usual if you have any questions feel free to message us on SF or email us at   Best,   Saager  
  Hi SF,   Our Last Chance Sale begins today. With Spring Collections now on the way we decided mark down our remaining Fall/Winter stock further. So if you were waiting for that special piece and your size is still available, now is your chance. Enjoy up to 50% off but act quick as most styles only have one or two pieces left. The sale applies in-store and online and begins today. Click here to view the full selection.   -Saager
  We just finished previewing the Autumn/Winter 2012 men's collection and the focus has not changed. The men's collection is probably the largest and best to date in my opinion. He may be focusing on two collections now but from what we saw the men's collection was not sacrificed.   -Saager  
We will be receiving several pieces from Frank Leder starting this Spring. The collection should arrive at some point in February.   -Saager
We will have a few shirting options from Patrik Ervell this Spring/Summer in XS. The new collection should arrive sometime this month.   -Saager
Hey,   We've got a few baseball jackets left as well as a couple small sizes and one large size in Patrik Ervell jeans from this season. They are all 30% off plus 10% off that price if you use SFNEIGHBOUR as a promo code when checking out.   -Saager  
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