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May I ask you afficianados your opinions on my recently purchased Edgwares.  I have worn them about 6 times in as many weeks.  I have put a coat of conditioner in that time and a few layers of wax in one session; and I use trees.  What I'm concerned about is this light-coloured surface "cracking" in the creases and also along the outer edge of the vamp, and it began to appear almost immediately. I have seen pics of other, older Edgwares and brown C&Js which do not have...
i'm not a chemist and make no claims to understanding the physical properties of these products and how they affect leather.  I rely on web wisdom.  So I found this pretty informative :   "Mink Oil- is an emulsion of lard and petroleum-based silicone oils. Like saddle soap and Lanolin it tends to be greasy. The silicone oils ‘seal’ the leather pores causing the product to ‘sit’ on the surface, making it unsuitable for upholstery seating...
FYI:   "Collonil Gold Premium contains waxes, greases, fluorocarbon resins, silicones, hydrocarbon solvents, emulsifiers, preserving agents, perfume oils and water, but no turpentine."   - Collonil Product Safety Department       Not quite sure what to make of this.  I would have recoiled in horror at the thought of a silicone conditioner, but apparently Mink Oil (used in Saphir Reno) contains silicone also.
The Collonil website states: Restoring cream formula SX3 strengthens, cleans and conditions valuable smooth leather.   Can anyone comment on their experience with this product?  Is this a conditioner that can be put on good Northampton leather as a substitute for Lexol, Reno etc?     The mysterious SX3 ingredient intrigues me.  I hope it isn't silicone-based!   Cheers
  Hi.  Two questions: Is the PoW check? Your collar appears to be quite high (by intention, of course).  Where do you find shirts with this feature?  Or, if they are MTO, who will make them like this (and this well)? Thanks.
So can anyone comment on whether there has been a change?
I don't find $120-150 unreasonable for a timeless shoe that will last for years, let alone "ridiculous".   But if you really do find these prices prohibitive, then brave the wastes of ebay.  The first result of 1,168 was $95AUD delivered...
Thanks.   I sure did make that distinction!  The posited variation appears to have been implemented on more than one style in the range.
Can anyone confirm whether the shape of the Macquarie and/or other styles has changed in the past year or so?   I am keen to pick up a pair of Macquaries in the hope of getting the legendary mix of sleekness and wholecut, but there appears to be a bulgy-ness in the more recent pics in this thread that wasn't in pairs from posts in '08, '09, '10.  Particularly I am referring to the toe-box which may look a bit blobby (albeit with a very critical eye) in pairs seen...
Hi.  First time poster.   I am looking at getting some C&J Chelsea boots from plal/Bodileys but I'm not familiar with the 238 last.  Which of the other C&J lasts is the most similar to the 238 for the purposes of estimating my size?  (I usually wear an 8.5-9)   Thanks for your assistance.   W
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