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Lovely shoes all, particularly the Cottesmore.    May I ask whether these have been worn much?  The creasing appears to be virtually imperceptible.  I have had mine for a few months and they have pretty deep creasing, even using trees.  Perhaps I got the wrong size...
Tan is a superb colour; even better in person than in pics. 
Small in which???     Not to seem like i'm second guessing you, but have you used these trees in this size boot?
I apologise if this has been answered elsewhere; I did search, but found nothing.   I have a pair of Macquaries sz 7F on their way and looking to get a pair of Woodlore trees, maybe Epics or the Boot Tree. I seem to be on the border between XS and S for the Epic, and (confusingly) S and M for the Boot Tree.   Does anyone have experience buying Woodlore (or other branded) trees for this size of RMW boot?   Cheers   W
Just got my small tan duffel and couldn't be happier.  I was concerned it would be a bit too small and wished there was a size between the small and medium, but in fact it is roomier than anticipated.  Definitely a weekender, in temperate climates, anyway.     Yes, damn fine bag!  There couldn't be more than a handfull of Filsons in my city, not that it matters (well, it kinda does).  Yet again, SF has shown that something I didn't know existed a month ago was the...
Yeah judging by the website, customer relations isn't their strong suit.  Did you get the coat you wanted in the end?   How is/was it cut?  Not too voluminous?
Don't expect a response if you email them.   If it's a MTO it will take at least 4 weeks.     I would call if you want to confirm that order has been placed and ask about how long until despatch.
Can you post a pic or two?
nobody knows...
Does anyone know about this company and their house trenchcoats?  I searched the SF archives but bizarrely there is no reference to them anywhere.  Perhaps the picture on their home page puts people off...     www.traditionalrainwear.co.uk/     Seems like they have something to do with Burberry and Aquascutum.  Keen to know more, though!
New Posts  All Forums: