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Found it!  Sorry... I didn't think I could go through any more pages of this thread.  But I could.  Procrastination can be a really motivating friend.   Post #26739 if anyone cares.
Does anyone remember a post in the last year or so of a member in a garden setting wearing a tweed suit and brown/burgundy brogued boots?  I know it's not much to go on...  If it helps: ensemble looked damn good!     I trawled through heaps of pages, but to no avail.  Maybe someone has saved the image/link?   Cheers.
I missed that class, too...
  A lot of questions, I know.  But those boots are just so impressive; I can't stop thinking about them!  How sad to think they are virtually unobtainable...  What goes G&G do that is similar?
Hmm.  Perhaps I got one size too small and am forced to pull it higher than it is meant to be worn.   Do you have jeans in both styles?  I guess i'm just asking people with both styles which they find is more roomy in the crotch, and do they all go up one size in the SkG?
^ look at TateandYoko.com: they have all measurements for both styles.  Also bear in mind some materials stretch up to 2", and some very little.
Hey-hey.   Perhaps a daft question, but is the skinny guy going to have less ball divison/crotch crush than the weird guy?  I notice the WG is described as low rise and the SkG as medium rise, but the front rise measurements on Tate & Yoko suggest WG is 1/2" higher/longer???  I have a pair of WG and find them a bit divisionary.  Will the SkG accommodate my needs better (leaving aside the obvious other measurement differences)?   Cheers
Yes they do look unworn, but why???  Those babies deserve to be out and about.  If I could pick 3 pairs of C&J to acquire, those styles would be my choices (maybe Seymour II instead of Lowndes).     I have Edgwares, which are not a boot.  But if you do want to see them, go back a few pages in this thread.
Lovely shoes all, particularly the Cottesmore.    May I ask whether these have been worn much?  The creasing appears to be virtually imperceptible.  I have had mine for a few months and they have pretty deep creasing, even using trees.  Perhaps I got the wrong size...
Tan is a superb colour; even better in person than in pics. 
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