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What style and make of trees do you have in these?
Anyone know the cheapest/easiest way to get a Filson briefcase to Oz?
Actually, I just found this review that is a few years old, but very thorough:  http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?94-Trench-Coat-the-Ultimate-thread-(For-anyone-who-dared-wear-Rick-s-coat!)&p=827431&viewfull=1#post827431  There appeared to be some quality control issues, but another reviewer a few pages later says he had no such problems.  There are a few details on the coats that may not match the pictures on the website, so you would need to give very clear...
@lachyzee   There is also this crowd in the UK and their mack: http://www.traditionalrainwear.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10051&top_category=11951&top=Y&categoryId=11951   Price is about $320 shipped to Oz.   Apparently they made Aquascutum and Burberry coats back in the day, but now just do their own.  Don't know much about them and searching these forums hasn't revealed anything.  I have been tempted to...
Or try these guys:  http://myworld.ebay.com.au/chelseashoerepaireshop/?_trksid=p4340.l2559   You could probably get similar value with a smaller order.     I have purchased creams, brushes etc from them and all have been great.  A jar of pommadier arrived with a shattered lid and they sent a replacement immediately.
  Ha.  We might almost have passed each other today wandering around Reservoir St, searching.     Gutted I couldn't have a look at the Carminas to evaluate.  I might just have to take the plunge and go off a C&J sizing comparison.  So tempted, but so scared...
Is that the Malton?  Lovely shoes.   I notice it is Chestnut Antique Calf.  I thought antiqueing was only for the luxes, not the el cheapos.
Many, many people have pre-empted this request.  Right here in this very thread!
These have been worn once only.  They are just slightly too big on me.  They fit like a Weird Guy sz 30.   I'm in Australia but happy to organise postage to anywhere in the world.  PM me and we can work out shipping.   PM also for pics.
FYI - Those wondering about sizing for the Selvedge Duck Weird Guys (and probably Skinny Guys to a certain extent)   I wear a 29 in the Solid Black WG 14oz.  They are pretty tight across the top block, but I have skinny thighs so there is no trouble elsewhere.   Just got my Ducks WG 10oz size 29 and they are a lot looser.  The material is lighter and less rigid so that would definitely contribute to how tight/restrictive they feel.  The point is, I could probably...
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