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Anyone interested in a brand new pair of RMW Macquaries black calf, screwed sole, size 7 F-fitting?  Just paid $400 for them.  Asking $300.  (Thought I'd give locals first go before going to B&S.)
Has anyone had an experience with the Macquarie fitting smaller than the Craftsman?  I just received my Black Calf Macquaries after months of waiting and they feel too tight in the toe-box.  Evidently the narrower toe needs to be compensated for when choosing a size/width.    I'm not sure whether there is any hope of having them stretched as it is the area under the toe-sitffener...  
Would this tie work with a dark navy nailhead suit and light blue shirt?  Or would a white shirt be better?   http://www.drakes-london.com/finest-two-tone-silk-knitted-tie-4430   I am drooling over the tie and want to make sure this ensemble will work before I pull the trigger.
These are probably the nicest derbies I have seen.  What are the details for this pair?
From the OP:   If You Know Your Size in the Craftsman Already Go up a whole size and down two width letter Craftsman size 10H: Forum Special size would be 11F Craftsman size 10G: Forum Special size would be 11E Craftsman size 10F: Forum Special size would be 11D
Lexol and Saphir Renovateur are both good conditioners.   I only know C&J wax because it's what I have always used, but i'm sure there are plenty of decent waxes around. Cream polish (Saphir Pommadier, par example) is another option; it is quick and easy to achieve a soft polish, but you won't get the shine of a wax.
  You should use a leather conditioner on them before wearing the first time, and then again every couple of months.  It is important to do this before the first wear because you don't know how long the shoes have been sitting around the shop with the moisture slowly leaving the leather.  Wearing them if the leather is dry may cause fine cracking.   Some tips: Don't wear them two days in a row.  Use wooden shoe trees and put them in as soon as you take the shoes off....
filson ought to make a fragrance that captures that smell.  although it might only be alluring to SF members...
If anyone is trying to decide on a colour for the 256 (or any bag for that matter) and is concernced that the otter is too green/pale/grey/whatever, let me tell you it is a great colour and photos don't nearly capture it well enough.  It is a rich, foresty green that complements the brown of the leather really nicely and makes it great with a suit.  I love the tan for the duffle and was very tempted to get the 256 in the same, but I couldn't be happier with my decision...
  Thanks.  What size Boot and tree do you take?  Sizing is difficult to work out...     I am about to receive a sz7 F-fitting Macquarie.  Any ideas which size tree would be best?
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