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This comment adequately sums up the sensible reaction of anyone who reads this thread, but I feel the need to write that those shoes are abominably hideous and genuinely offend me.
The patterns in the brown and the green ties above are straight, whereas the rust is on the diagonal.  This appears to be the opposite of how the swatches appear for the poll.     Can we assume therefore that the swatches in the first post should all be rotated through 45 degrees to get an accurate picture of how the ties will look?
Without wanting to sully the C&J thread by promoting a rival manufacturer, if you are interested in a burgundy shoe there is a burgundy calf chukka being made by Carmina as a styleforum MTO:   Deadline to jump onboard is approaching.  This will be a gorgeous boot.   (Incidentally, the only serious pair of shoes I have is the Edgware in brown (and RMW boots), and I am also...
If I commit to this, what is the latest date I can change my desired size?
Macquarie with storm welt. MTO.
Any idea what price they would work out at per pair?   I have just come across these on ebay.  Look to be a copy of woodlore epics for $30 shipped.  Anyone purchased these?
Where are Sydneysiders (or Aussies generally) getting their shoe trees? Shoe repair places in the CBD sell cedar for around $65, which is nuts.   I saw a bulk buy organised on this thread a month back, but was too slow to take advantage :(
Which company?  RMW???   Was this recently?
Yes, there is a jodhpur-type boot.  Google "rm williams stockman".  Aka "buckle boot".   It is only Made-to-Order, unless you can get to the one Sydney store which has them in stock.  On top of the MTO premium, it is also more expensive than the elastic-sided boots as it requires more leather and time to manufacture.     Bloody great boot!
You're the only two.
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