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Without wanting to sully the C&J thread by promoting a rival manufacturer, if you are interested in a burgundy shoe there is a burgundy calf chukka being made by Carmina as a styleforum MTO:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/350967/carmina-905-vegano-burgundy-calf-rain-last-mto/   Deadline to jump onboard is approaching.  This will be a gorgeous boot.   (Incidentally, the only serious pair of shoes I have is the Edgware in brown (and RMW boots), and I am also...
If I commit to this, what is the latest date I can change my desired size?
Macquarie with storm welt. MTO.
Any idea what price they would work out at per pair?   I have just come across these on ebay.  Look to be a copy of woodlore epics for $30 shipped.  Anyone purchased these?
Where are Sydneysiders (or Aussies generally) getting their shoe trees? Shoe repair places in the CBD sell cedar for around $65, which is nuts.   I saw a bulk buy organised on this thread a month back, but was too slow to take advantage :(
Which company?  RMW???   Was this recently?
Yes, there is a jodhpur-type boot.  Google "rm williams stockman".  Aka "buckle boot".   It is only Made-to-Order, unless you can get to the one Sydney store which has them in stock.  On top of the MTO premium, it is also more expensive than the elastic-sided boots as it requires more leather and time to manufacture.     Bloody great boot!
You're the only two.
Anyone interested in a brand new pair of RMW Macquaries black calf, screwed sole, size 7 F-fitting?  Just paid $400 for them.  Asking $300.  (Thought I'd give locals first go before going to B&S.)
Has anyone had an experience with the Macquarie fitting smaller than the Craftsman?  I just received my Black Calf Macquaries after months of waiting and they feel too tight in the toe-box.  Evidently the narrower toe needs to be compensated for when choosing a size/width.    I'm not sure whether there is any hope of having them stretched as it is the area under the toe-sitffener...  
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