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Skillet lasagna! Great twist on a classic.    Recipe:
Have you tried exercising consistently each day, and going to bed at a consistently early time every night? Changing those two factors pretty much solved my sleep troubles, I used to lay awake in bed for 45 min - 1 hour every night before I could get to sleep.   Another thing that has really helped me is not look at a bright screen an hour before I go to sleep - no TV, no Xbox, no playing with my phone or tablet or endlessly browsing the internet. Now I just get...
I'm a big believer in as little heel as possible, at least for running, walking long distances, or exercising. A few years ago I switched over to minimalist footwear and the shin splints and knee pain I battled for years just went away over the course of a few months. I'll never go back.
Definitely engineering
+1, talking to a professional is always the best bet. At the very least use Legalzoom to walk you through it.
Shaved with a double-edge razor with lather created with shaving soap and a badger hair brush.    I'm sure that one has been posted more than a few times already though!
Definitely an interesting pattern, can't comment on its authenticity though.
Something like this maybe?  
Purchased a pair in my normal size because I wanted a bit more room for thicker socks. Definitely regretted that decision after just one day of wearing them. Listen to the advice of this thread, go down one half size! I certainly wish I would have found this thread last week
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