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I think this is very nice, but I like the suits more slim. But you are wearing this just fine :) Jacket maybe little big but not that mutch.  
Nice let's see some pics when you come home :) Enjoy spain man!  
Oh okay, so I might take a 7.5F in G&G?  
If I have a 7F (UK) in C&J, are the sizes smaller or biger in G&G?
The man to the left is not the great talking more about the man to the right. I tink a clear balance of summer outfit is mutch nicer to mix it up. It's just a personal taste. I think his outfit was very nice in general.
Thanks alot man, 
Edit: No need for help.   / C
Nice but I dont like the shoes.   
Hi   What names or were can I find some moderators/admins on this forum? Dont know if this subject went on the right category.    Thanks!   / C
Not my size i'm a 38 (US) if you get that size in the future, pm me right away :)!
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