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Yohji is visiting China these days, here is a interview from China Daily.  
shirt and jacket yyph 11 aw pant 05 y's for men fake glass
05/06 y‘s line fw quite nicely done with interesting shirt and men suits (better than many suits in mainline,my point of view)  i am always feeling sad that absence of y’s for men   more photos   enjoy it
insanely expensive, this is London (i live in here so i know that.....) Lncc usually makes summer sale in July, have a try then
This is cool, tks bro! and the cotton also makes this suit more wearable in all conditions 
jacket and trouser by yohji and no brand name shirt      
     Yohji Yamamoto show at Den-En Colosseum, Tokyo, Japan 1981. 180 outfits     For educational purpose only LOL   Enjoy
Yeah, the price in UK is also freaking expensive . My friend in HK, tells me that the price is lovely there. i think the store located in the harbour city mall
junya watanabe borsalino hat fw 11  
Ivwri   Cheers! Can i have the price list by pm 12ss will kill the wallet, for me....  
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