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    jacket and pants y's shirt and floral tie yyph          
just got a pair of braces of yyph from yoox     thought it will works fine with white shirt and pleated pants
You could google "home dry cleaning" for some possible solutions. 
price drop to 150 gbp
get a tie from yyph, love it  
up still available       this is another interview in chinese and i will pick up and translate some points.     Ask: Why you want choose to make cloth and build your own label? Yohji: in a word, i do not want to be office worker, to be a small part of the society. I am happy to do things i like.   A:there are too much fast fashion, how do you think about it. Y: i don't think that fast fashion is...
in 2008 Yohji also gave his Y's show in Beijing. For me, it's a combination of y3,y's,yyph and some typical sparks of his works.   here are the photos 
Yohji is visiting China these days, here is a interview from China Daily.  
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