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well well well,not have one nn or soloist piece but being lurking,and fw 17 kills in.   Also,if im a general size 3 in yohji,does it mean better also go size m in soloist? not a very slim lover.   Cheers guys
      acr:p10-ch,apm bamboo aitor throup x cp company:goggle jacket
Long time no see everyone and happy 2017! It's being days I update and clean some of my Yohji's collection,and as I getting old, lol, I again happy to wear yohji more to feel better materials and shape,mainly in suits, and also some other casual styles.
It's last pick 2016,my first cp company and aitor throup items.
Amazingly nice discussion here! I'm not a die hard vest guy,but I really enjoy wearing them. I usually use cp2 and sr-1 both from Acr. Sr-1 I rock it with either j14 or ss-v4c.
Parka:Acronym J45M-BW Pants:cheap flannel pants Shoe:vans
Used to be yohji's Italian suit during mid 2000 style,these days are head to toe acronym, but not ninja or instagram taste,too much for me since I'm 30 now,more like William Gibson's style.
  well winter is coming:buy back j1a-lp and a last season missed j54-lp. Also booked j38-lp and j45m-bw   feel really sorry for my wallet lol,its life.
   Thanks for these useful information. Yeah thinking i should sign up for a trunk show and do some face to face discussion with them.
wow good job styleforum! Also looking for it being in a while. Seems like super cozy and high quality. I already mailed them to ask for if productions by providing measurements would work. For that kind of quality I think I'm fine to pay it well,prices for accessories leave a hint. Will update anyway.
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