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There is a very old saying that "Power Corrupts" and it seems to me a lot of law enforcement officers in a lot of different countries get corrupted very easily on their perceived status. I know this infuriates the minority that see the job as a public service.
Good questions, did you buy them directly from Edward Green or from another r/e/tailer. I only ask as I can't see any decent shoe seller as standing by those defects as acceptable. On a pair or seconds, or a pair of heavily discounted shoes maybe but certaintly not on a brand new pair of EG shoes that cost $1300. Have you contacted EG in London directly, I would.
The thing about this kind of thing that pisses me off is, how do we know who else is a racist, gay bashing, religious fanatic that’s just playing the media game, saying the right things and appearing to do the right things but behind it all is a completely different person. I would have more respect for people who hold views like that but are open and honest about them even if I disagree vehemently with them.
Not for all weather but a most comfortable pair of shoes, Church Sahara.
Not my idea of casual, even the one with rolled up jeans, would need an open collar at the lest to feel casual and maybe that's because for 5 days a week I wear a closed collar. I would call the other two Smart.
I could do with some advice here guys. I had an accident with my C&J Conistons, I split some melted butter on the right side of the toecap of the right boot. The stain was blackish so right from the start I knew it was a big problem. I immersed the toecap in talcum powder for about 48 hrs and then inspected the stain, it had gone right through the layers of polish to the leather. I now had no option but to use water and saddle soap to strip the layers of polish to get to...
Charlie, Is the leather used in the Roller Buckle Bridle Leather Belt and the Kensington Bridle Leather Belt the same as in thickness and quality? Thanks.
What you need to remember is that it is thread that is wearing down, not exactly the most hard wearing of materials. How and where it wears down will also depend on your gait and as has already been said the surfaces you have been walking on. I would not be worried about it at all but you could keep an eye on it.
Found myself in San Francisco on my way back to Dublin so having looked up Alden on Google maps I took a trip to 170 Sutter. What a nice shop and very helpfull staff. I did not have any particular shoe in mind except that I always wanted a pair of Alden and they are not easy to come by on this side of the Atlantic. Eventually I settled on these: They feel like a very solid shoe, I can only imagine what the doubled soled ones feel like, anyway the leather does seem...
There is no doubt the range of Saphir Medaille D'Or polish contains Natural Turpentine Oil, Avel mention this on their website.
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